Select Shows
The Season with Peter Schrager (2022-present) – Supervising Producer
City of the Rails (2023) – Composer
Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver (2020-present) –¬†Executive Producer
What Happened to Sandy Beal? (2022) – Composer
Split Ends with Colleen Wolfe and Erica Tamposi (2021-present) – Executive Producer
MTV’s Behind the Music (2021-2022) – Executive Producer
Unread (2021) – Composer, Music Supervisor
Operation Midnight Climax (2021) – Composer
Anupam Cares (2020-2021) – Composer
Teach Me Something New (2020-2021) – Producer, Music Supervisor
Forgotten: Women of Juarez (2020) – Producer, Composer
Stay Calm (2020) – Producer, Composer

Awards and Recognition
Operation Midnight Climax – 2022 Best Original Score and Music Supervision Nominee (Ambies)
Stay Calm – 2021 Best Personal Growth/Spirituality Podcast (Ambies)
Forgotten: Women of Juarez Р2021 Podcast of the Year Nominee (Ambies), 2021 Crime Podcast of the Year Nominee (iHeart Radio Podcast Awards), Top 50 Podcasts of 2020, #7 (The Atlantic), Best Latin American Podcast of the Year Award from Estación Podcast Festival (2022)