In Studio With Say Girl Say

So excited to announce Brigette Yawn and Suzan Zaghmouth from the band Say Girl Say contributed vocals (and a tiny bit of ukulele) to Winter Moon last night! These two are incredible musicians, and their voices sound incredible on the record. And I love working with other Houston artists!

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Studio Update

Spent the night at Wire Road StudiosĀ earlier this week with Brian Brewer and Richard Cholakian recording bass and drums for “Oak And Pine!” Such an incredible studio! And so close to finishing up this album now! I. Can’t. Wait. New music coming soon!

Studio Update!

Yesterday I was in the studio with Rodney Waters recording one last song for my next CD. I feel like I’ve been working on this album for years, so it’s only fitting that we were recording my song “Oak & Pine,” which is all about patience and growth. But the good news is I’m almost done. And I’m going to finally release some new music. Very soon. And it will have a billion piano tracks (give or take).